Dorian's ROMs

Keeping the Captivate up-to-date

Feb 2011

Tron "CLU" Theme for UGJK3

  • This is for UGJK3 ONLY! Flashing to anything else will result in bootloops.
  • Based on Tron: Legacy’s “CLU”. The styling is yellow to match.
  • *Download Here* *Screenshots Here*

Dorian's UGJK3 V6 - Citrus Fresh

--Download Here--

To upgrade from V5 download these two update packages and flash them from recovery...
  1. App and UI framework Update
  2. Kernel Update

V6 Changelog:
  • Completely changed theming to Gingerbread Citrus
  • MTM Blackout Keyboard, Blackout Dialer, Blackout Calendar, and Calculator
  • Kernel updated to Hardcore’s SpeedMod K12T
  • AMOLED mode enabled in kernel to turn on mDNIe mode for font smoothing and sharpness.
  • Voodoo Sound V4 - Introduces a new kernel driver for sound that eliminates the slight pops when starting or stopping a song/movie/video.
  • Avaliable as a full wipe, upgrade from V5, and upgrade without blackout theming.

Base Features:

  • Based on Samsung's UGJK3 2.2
  • JK3 Modem
  • SetiroN's Captivate Kernel @ 1200MHz (1.2GHz) - Thanks SetiroN @ XDA
  • Lagfix implemented from the first boot - All partitions are converted to EXT4
  • Extensive Gingerbread Theming - Thanks to gtg465x @ XDA
  • Gingerbread Keyboard with Haptic Feedback working - Thanks to bts0uth @ XDA
  • Ad Blocking via hosts file
  • Cyanogen's HUGE APN List
  • Gingerbread Ringtones/Notifications/Alarms
  • Custom System Font