Dorian's ROMs

Keeping the Captivate up-to-date

Installation Instructions

You'll need to know how download mode works on the Captivate:
To get into download mode... Remove the SIM and External SD, and with the phone off, hold down both volume buttons (+-) while plugging in the USB cord. You should see a big yellow yield sign with an Android shoveling trash with "Downloading".

AND REMEMBER... If anything goes wrong during this process, don't panic or hyperventilate. Just go back into Download Mode and reflash JF6.
smile By flashing this, you recognize the risks involved, and neither I, nor attdroids are responsible for bricks.

Here's step-by-step how to install:
  • I recommend that your phone be charged to at least 75% before starting.
  • Back up your apps and personal information.
  • Download the stock JF6 Eclair build ODIN3 One-Click restore.
  • Now you must have ODIN open before plugging in the phone.
  • Get your phone into download mode, plug it in, and ODIN should show a yellow box with what COM port your phone is connected to. (See above^)
  • Now click start to flash JF6.
  • Go to Settings-->Applications-->Development and check "USB Debugging".
  • Download SGS One Click Root *PC* or *MAC*, and run it.
  • When your Captivate reboots, use the down volume key to select "Reinstall Packages" and the power button to select it. Now it will install Superuser and reboot.
  • Now that you're rooted, Download "ROM Manager" from the Android Market.
  • Run ROM Manager and "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" and make sure to select "Captivate".
  • Now, place my ROM zip on your phone's internal SD storage.
  • Unplug your phone, and go into ROM Manager and select "Reboot into Recovery"
  • Once in recovery, use the volume keys to move down to "install zip from SD card" and the power key to select. Then "choose zip from SD card". As glenthax has brought to my attention, if you see the default Samsung recovery with blue text upon reboot, select reinstall packages and after it installs it will reboot itself into the correct ClockworkMod recovery which will have green text.
  • Now scroll down until you find the ROM you want to flash, and select it to flash it.
  • You may notice the screen wig out for a second or two, but don't worry that's normal. It's installing a new modem and kernel.
  • Once it's done, back out to the main recovery screen and reboot system.
  • When it gets done enjoy FroYo! **First boot can take several minutes.